Creole: eternally eternal!

eloise fiorentino creole earrings over the water

If there are many earrings that all women love, it's the creole earrings ... The creole earrings date back to antiquity in Mesopotamia where big rings were found in fallen down.

Creole is also a symbolic and protective gem of the ears, which at the time were considered openings giving access to the mind, center of intelligence. Also, the pirates wore multiple earrings and especially creoles because they believed that these jewels protected them from the enemies.


LESSisRARE turquoise Andalusian creole earrings

eloise fiorentino earrings creoles

Creole earrings "Sacred Wood"

Eloise Fiorentino

60 €


Later Creole arrived in America and the West Indies, from where she takes her name ... 

In the West Indies, children of rich families offered gold grains to their nannies as a sign of thanks. After, they turned them into Creole earrings they wore to show their social rise. In this way, creole earrings have become a symbol of enfranchisement of slave women.

Today, Creoles are the traditional jewels offered to young Martinique girls to celebrate their private communion.

carole saint germes Large gold creole clip earrings

Large gold creole clip earrings

Carole Saint Germes

129 €


It's important to choose your creoles according to the shape of your face, your style and your haircut. For example, if you have a small face, you should avoid creoles that are too big. 

To properly wear your creoles, you can adapt your hairstyle or your clothes. You can tie your hair in a bun or slip it behind your ears ... Wearing Creoles with a turtleneck will help you put your jewelry forward. If you like the accumulation of jewelry, you can combine your creoles with fine and sober necklaces. On the other hand, if you like imposing creoles, avoid the plastron necklaces! 

 eloise fiorentino Golden open hoops - Cloud

Golden open hoops "Cloud"

Eloise Fiorentino

80 €

tina kotsoni Turquoise bronze hoop earrings

Creole earrings in turquoise bronze

Tina Kotsoni

89 €


Creole earrings are timeless and timeless jewels thanks to their simplicity and variety of models that adapt easily to almost any face shape.

At LESSisRARE you can find several models of hoop earrings in bronze, silver, gold plated, stones ... We present you hoop earrings in different sizes, textures, materials and styles!


 ELOISE FIORENTINO Creole earrings

Roots Creole earrings

Eloise Fiorentino

85 €

fonsi Long hematite creole earrings

Long hematite hoop earrings


95 €



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