Vita Fede

Cynthia Sakai, creator of Vita Fede



Vita Fede is a collection of handcrafted jewelry in Italy inspired by the art, architecture and culture of the past. These elements combine to create the Vita Fede aesthetic: a jewel of feminine luxury, architectural, pure, classic, contemporary and resolutely timeless. Vita Fede translates to "life" and "faith", two things that bind people all over the world.

Born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents, Cynthia describes Vita Fede as "a fusion of Asian, American and European culture" that aspires to a high aesthetic, a lifestyle and a universal point of view. Cynthia believes that just one accessory can be a look alone. And his jewelry is designed to be mixed and adapt to the individual style of each. The brand has great media coverage in all fashion and luxury magazines around the world and the list of celebrities who have adopted Vita Fede is impressive!

Chic, timeless, sober and design jewels worn in solo but also ultra chic and trends worn in accumulated, mixing sizes and materials! Absolute quality and a nice gift packaging guaranteed. A must have! In short, we love it!


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