Editions LESSisRARE Perles

Our women's rings, earrings, pearl necklaces and pearl pendants are carefully selected for their softness and femininity. We love all types of pearls: crystal beads, black pearls, white pearls, small pearls, pearl beads, round pearls, oval pearls, Tahitian pearls, natural pearls, freshwater pearls, cultured pearls...

OUR ADDED VALUE: All our women's rings, pearl necklaces, pearl pendant necklace, chain earrings and pearl bracelets have been carefully examined in our jewelery workshop for more than ten years before they can be bought online.
- Our pearl rings can be adapted to all types of finger sizes. Small and large sizes.
- Our pearl jewelry is guaranteed by our quality department. The little Parisian: Come and discover our pearl jewels in our showroom by appointment.
- Pearl care tip:
Pearls are living organisms ... so they deserve to be worn as much as possible. They can be altered by perfumes and perspiration. The pearl jewels are stored away from other jewels in their original pouch or in a fabric.



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