Creative Judith of Denovember



Judith Bourdin, an embroidery designer, has always had a taste for beautiful materials, colors and graphics. It was during an artistic trip to India that she had the idea of ​​founding Denovembre, a brand that fused oriental refinement with the know-how of Parisian luxury. His scarves are made in his Parisian workshop as well as in India by independent artisans.

People, ultra refined and sophisticated, the Japanese have not been wrong because they were among the first to plebiscite its brand.

What inspires her: The play on shapes and materials: create an architectural motif on a piece of silk, give the illusion of a "flexible" marble or play with pictorial effects on textiles. Like abstract landscapes, the colors are as if vaporized on the material, the silk becomes a diaphanous moment of poetry.

What seduced us: Judith Bourdin, an inspired and inspiring designer. Its brand of luxury scarves is entirely handcrafted in a limited and numbered series, around the expertise of the luxury industry: reserve dyeing, hand embroidery, crochet and weaving on hand looms.

Denovembre, a young brand of luxury fashion accessories, poetic and ultra refined, whose fashion world has not stopped talking.

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