The LESSisRARE Concept

Our mission :

"The art of the merchant is to take a thing where it abounds and bring it where it is rare."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mission of is to offer you a rare selection of exceptional jewelry and accessories designers.
LESSisRARE : an online store based in Paris "spotter" brands

and rare and chic products for women and men.
We browse the capitals of Europe, we visit the major fashion shows and we are regularly contacted by new brands.

Our selection criteria are novelty, innovation, astonishment, rarity, exclusivity of the products and / or the brand. And as the site is named LESSisRAREwe also like the simplicity and purity of the lines.

The Founders:

Phane Denis from the Toll - Tavidian

After a marketing experience in cosmetics that gave her a taste for beautiful things, she has for many years contributed to the development of all international editions of ELLE and ELLE Decoration in nearly 40 countries.

It is this international experience of luxury, fashion and decoration that has allowed it to be noted that, beyond recognized brands, there are magnificent local know-how that have not yet "crossed all frontiers. ".

The Founders:

Sophie Danan

15 years in the press and radio media through the media and advertising agency (Publicis), she has also lived several times in major European cities such as Zurich, Madrid or Frankfurt and took the opportunity to study the behavior of buying from our neighbors facing the "rare" and premium brands.

From this European experience, she drew some certainty, especially that there is a real need for a target 25 / 50 years of a niche e-commerce niche of rare products with strong identity.

Our Creators:

Our creators reinterpret luxury with a know-how that sublimates materials and cuts; they display a desire to innovate or reinvent the classics. In short they renew our desires by their singularity or their exclusivity.

The creators of LESSisRARE shave generally distributed in specialized boutiques, exclusive in Europe and in fashion countries (USA, Japan ...).
We selected them one by one and built with them a real partnership on the internet.

Most create and produce limited series, exclusive pieces, "custom" or "on demand".

This is the reason why our delivery times can be very fast (24 to 48h if the product is in stock) or longer (2 to 3h weeks) if the product is to be made for you. These times are indicated on each product sheet.

If an exceptional and rare object is deserved ... our creators are for the most part "exceptional artisans" who manufacture in Europe, which allows a speed of realization and a quality which will not disappoint you ...

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