Galerie Galuchat



Created in 2011, the Galerie Galuchat house is worn by a family whose work appears completely legitimate, it offers an exceptional leather goods that considers the rebirth of this material. The expertise of Jean Perfettini and the talent of his son Raphaël Perfettini gave birth to a useful and exclusive product. The shagreen gives these small everyday objects a special touch and a unique aesthetic. Two years of research to go around the world were needed to get the best skins, design the prototype covers and select the best workshops.

Why do we like LESSisRARE?

We have a real weakness for shagreen, luxury material, ultra resistant, incomparable touch! The shagreen is a leather of breeding line and a noble and rare material which goes back to the 8ème century in Japan. In Europe, Jean Claude Galuchat was the master earl of King Louis XV and the Marquise de Pompadour. He dressed in this skin of fish the rarest objects (chests, trunks, sword handles, ..). The shagreen long forgotten returns to fashion during the art deco period of the 30 years. Today it remains a luxury and rare material in leather goods.


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