Pascale Risbourg


As soon as she was released from Esmod, Pascale Risbourg won prizes from her peers and unanimously seduced the press. It all started with a bag that in a few seconds morphed into a sexy and funny evening dress, called Fête Express. That's yesterday. Today, Pascale returns to her first love, the bag. This time it is him that we dress and his measurements are perfect. Neither too big nor too small, in creamy leather, the "Caprice bag" has what would look like his wardrobe. It's fifties, british or Cannes festival. Nothing to do, however, with a gadget. The "Caprice bag" is above all a beautiful accessory with neat finishes. The flap, the centerpiece of his anatomy, bends to changes and votes for alternation. One day in tweed, the next day in soft crust, it is multiple, and quite unique.

Between yesterday and today Pascale Risbourg's career impresses. Exceptional, the designer works as a free electron. The fashion ? She has made her weapons, but the garment as such has never been passionate. No, what interests him is to offer another look at things, all kinds of things. In the event where she gave a lot, she was asked to give free rein to her madness and she had a lot of fun. Basically what characterizes it is its way of staggering the daily.

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