Ronald Pineau



The Ronald Pineau accessories collection is a line of belts, bracelets, neckties and necklaces, all made in raw and natural leathers. Produced in France this line is inspired by the rock culture and movements of the 60, 70 and early 80 years. The materials selected to produce the collection are cowhide leather, all parts being fully lined with the same leather qualities. The pieces are covered with studs and cabochons engraved with diamond, swarovski crystal set or covered with double giant zippers.

Ronald Pineau is also a DJ and plays English rock, indie and electro-rock, mods and post-punk. He mixes all current groups with major groups from the 60s, late 70s and early 80s. As a freelance designer, he also wants to defend projects and independent creators, as opposed to big fashion groups and big record labels. which monopolize the media and invade our universe.
A quirky and glam-rock creator: Here's all about Ronald Pineau and we love him! Large Swarovski crystals encased on fat biker limit belts or semi rigid pouches, it's a bit hard and it has a crazy chic! 

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