Vanessa Dee



Vanessa Dee is a Parisian designer. She first started her career as a makeup artist, then it is at the contact of stylists, photographers, young designers with whom she works that she develops a certain taste and creativity. She then embarks on the creation of a jewelry brand in her name. Vanessa Dee's accomplishments combine a natural, rock and precious look with great simplicity and sumptuousness. Vanessa Dee harmonizes remarkably raw materials such as ebony and leather with her rock and modern influences.

Why do we like LESSisRARE?

In his quest for the rare and contemporary has had a crush on this French rock-chic brand whose jewels mix all types of materials: bronze, wood, leather, precious stones, pearls ... Mixed jewelry to wear with sobriety on a ultra chic outfit. Vanessa Dee, a signature for whoever wears it.  



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