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Type the first letters of the product you are looking for in the search box at the top right of the navigation bar; the entry will then be activated and will suggest a list of products close to your search. To go faster, first select the product family you are looking for, for example "accessories" or "bag" if you are looking for a bag.

To go faster, first select the product family to which your search relates, for example accessories or bag if you are looking for a bag.


1) XNUMX) Once you have chosen your product, select on the size and quantity on the product sheet and click on the "buy" button below. You will then have access to your shopping cart. If you wish to continue shopping, select the "continue shopping" button which will then take you to the home page. If you wish to validate your cart, select the destination country: your shipping costs will be shown below. Once you validate your shopping cart, you will have to identify yourself.
If you want to continue shopping, select the "continue shopping" button and you will return to the home page.
If you wish to validate your shopping cart, select the destination country and your shipping costs will be shown below. Once you validate the shopping cart, the page will take you to the "identify yourself" step.
2) On "identify yourself"

If you are already registered in our file

Identify yourself by indicating your "email" and your "password": you then go to "delivery / billing details .. Check that the coordinates are always accurate. The "remark" area allows you to leave us a message about your order or / and tell us the content of the message you want us to bring to the recipient of your purchase. Forgot your password ?
Select "forgotten password": an email is automatically sent to you to return it. Either it's a first purchase on

You fill in the boxes provided in "create your account" then confirm by clicking on "create profile": you then go to "contact" and then "confirmation"
ATTENTION when you fill in your email:
The address must be valid for any future contact with our Services.
The choice of the password is yours but we advise you to use preferably your usual password in order to have more chances of remembering it.
Pay attention to your address information: Your profile address must exactly match your billing address.
For better security of your shipments and payments, please also give an accessible phone, we can contact you if necessary.



In your basket you can request a gift package when it is offered. Below the product in your summary basket. Fill in the address of the recipient of the gift in the space "delivery address". If you want to leave a message, please write it in the "Note" box. We will add a small word containing your message in your package.
In the case of a gift, the invoice is never included in the package except for shipments out of the EEC.
Our client-payer is systematically notified by e-mail of the shipping of his package to his billing address.


 You want a personalized advice on a product: View " customer service "

Either you ask to be called back: we call you back in 24 business hours
Or you call us on our number at +33 1 47 27 47 14 from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m.
You can also send us an email at : we will answer you in the 24 business hours.


On each product sheet you will find all the information about the product:

  • Our opinion LESSisRARE in orange justifies our choice of this product. LESSisRARE is looking for new, rare, quality, graphic and chic products.
  • The description of the product provides information on the product, its maintenance, its guarantee and its delivery times. Feel free to open the tabs.
  • For more information on sizes, we have dedicated a paragraph to the different size measures of our products or size equivalents.
  • In the Delivery tab you will find the average delivery time for each product. If your delivery is more urgent, do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to shorten these deadlines.
Sizes vary from one brand to another; to help you in your choice (especially for rings) you will find information on sizes in the "Help and Tips" section


Shipping costs are free in mainland France. For other countries, you can consult them in our "Delivery" section at the bottom of each page. Otherwise as soon as you have entered the country of delivery and the delivery method chosen, the shipping costs will be automatically displayed in your basket. Please also note that we charge tax free for customers who ship outside the European Union.



To order your ring, you first need to measure your finger. The size of the rings must be chosen according to the baguier to be printed.Ring sizer

 Just print this page on the actual scale (choose the option "scaling: none" and check that the width of the frame below measures well 15 cm) and compare one of your rings (take imperatively a simple ring) by superimposing it on the circles: you must still see slightly the black line. 

Warning ! The fingers of the right and left hand may not be identical.
If in doubt take the size above. Similarly for chain rings, it is necessary to systematically take a size above.

Another method of measuring finger size:
To get a better idea of ​​your finger size, take a ribbon, a pencil and a ruler.
Wrap your finger around the location of the ring with the bolduc (or ribbon), and make a line where the bolduc crosses.
Then at the joint of your finger (the joint), you proceed in the same way by always tightening a little. Then, using your ruler, you measure the distance between the two lines thus obtained for each measurement. For example, we get 50mm and 53mm.
Then we add these two numbers, which we then divide by two, 50 + 53 = 103 that we use 2 or 51.5mm.
The ring size will then be 52.
Last method and it is the safest: go to a jeweler and ask him the measure of your finger.

Note that in the jewelry category, there will be no refund in case of return of a ring but an exchange is always possible.

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