Bernard Delettrez


creator Bernard Delettrez

A diploma in his pocket, obtained in Tahiti, Bernard Delettrez arrives in Rio to take care of an emerald mine. In the 80 years, he developed an emerald-cut workshop and worked for H. Stern.
Over time, Bernard Delettrez is interested in other stones, he is the first to work the crystal. This stone is not considered precious enough until then. In the 90 years, the curiosity of Bernard Delettrez pushes him to leave everything to go around the world.
In the early 2000s, he moved to Rome and sold to the biggest boutiques in the world such as Maxfield in Los Angeles, Dover Street Market in London or even Opening Ceremony in New York. In 2010, Bernard Delettrez created his own eponymous jewelry for an eclectic and open-minded clientele. His taste for the avant-garde is the only constant in his quest for a perpetual search for the sublime and the rare.     

Why we love at LESSisRARE?   

Bernard Delettrez has lived several lives and can be seen in his latest collections. First of all a great jeweler's experience, involving a drastic selection of the most beautiful metals and the most beautiful stones. Then tribal inspirations from his many travels, men and vanities. Inspiration from this world and inspired by his own experience. And finally luxury, luxury at the confluence of glam and rock, international cosmopolitanism and the underground.
Bernard Delettrez: amazing, strong and striking jewels. A real break in the market; something rare and unique! 

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