Betty Gabrielle



Initially, Betty Gabrielle is a mix of childhood memories and the work of crochet and knitting to create a world of jewelry. But what interests Betty Gabrielle today is to mix noble materials and traditional crafts to create a jewel that is the link between nostalgia and modernity. It is always the materials she discovers that are at the origin of her inspiration.

For her jewelry, Betty Gabrielle knits and knits by hand, with inclusions of stripes and pearls of pearl or crystal. She uses the techniques of machine-knitting, crochet and sewing by hand and beading. Since the beginning of her activity, she works with the association "Creassos" which aims at the insertion of Turkish women by the valorization of their traditional know-how. These women are crocheting some of her jewelry. Everything else is made in his workshop.

 Why do we like LESSisRARE?

Betty Gabrielle chose the basic material hook of her creations: It is courageous but it is also visionary; because this ancestral technique is fast becoming THE fashionable "fashion" technique on catwalks ... A refined side, inexpensive creations, shapes closer to the wrists or skin, soft and soft materials, colors neutral and sweet. In short Betty Gabrielle is an ultra feminine universe and ultra "fashion" at very sweet prices for us, our girls, our friends.

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