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The fashion design approach of the two designers of PeleCheCoco, Sophie Schandorff and Dan Vaarskov is to rework materials to obtain unique products, of very good quality and style. Respect for beautiful fashion materials, respect for the world around us, are the values ​​of PeleCheCoco, an ethical brand. The reworked materials are of the highest quality and are found in all regions of the world. They are carefully chosen and tested to match the universe and style of PeleCheCoco. Most clothing comes from recycled leather jackets or denim products, which are reworked in new styles. The bags are handmade by experienced craftsmen.

Why do we like LESSisRARE?

PeleCheCoco: recycling beautiful materials to make fashion products, this is a brand whose ambition speaks to us. Imagine the old life of your new fringed bag. The bag is new, it was designed and produced by PeleCheCoco but its leather can be lived on the back of a biker performing the Route 66 in the 80 years! Give free rein to your imagination!



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