Animal Jewelry: What is your animal totem?

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Even if it sounds strange, animals can reveal your personality .. In some cultures our animal totem becomes our protective spirit.

The animal-totem is an animal revered as a deity, the ancestor of a clan or a protector. You can have one or more totem animals throughout your life. An animal totem is the equivalent of a guide or animal protector ... It has qualities that you could have or that you would like to have.

Here is a list of totem animals to help you find your spiritual pet ... 

- Le singe is a totem animal player and inventive. Monkeys don't like to take life seriously, they like to have fun, learn and explore. The monkey is extremely agile and skillful and represents innovation and creativity. Known for his gift of imitation and antics, he also symbolizes happiness and fun. 

See monkey jewel

This animal is also known for its sincerity and fidelity, and for the sophisticated structure of its family. So, he represents the model family, he likes to play with children keeping in sharp sense of discipline.

- The bee symbolizes community, harmony and celebration. Its virtues are wisdom, love and intelligence. The bee also represents prosperity, order, eloquence and resurrection. As a totem animal, she will teach us to be organized, sociable and meticulous.

The bee is also a royal or imperial symbol. 

See bee jewel 




bernard delettrez Honeycomb and bronze bee cuff braceletBernard Delettrez cuff bracelet honeycomb and bronze bee

525 €

catherine michiels Bracelet charm Marcellito bronze and eyes diamonds



Catherine Michiels bracelet charm Marcellito bronze and eyes diamond

250 €


- The spider represents knowledge and femininity. She personifies the woman, because she weaves her web in which she draws everything she needs. The spider teaches us that we are responsible for our futures and our destinies and encourages us to look into a broader perspective.  

If you have spider medicine, you are very creative and you never lose your way. 

See spider jewel

Bernard Delettrez Spider brooch in gold and bronzeBernard Delettrez spider brooch in gold and bronze

550 €


Bernard Delettrez spider cuff bracelet on his bronze canvas   Bernard Delettrez spider cuff bracelet on his canvas

€ 460


- The rabbit represents fear but has a positive message: What you resist will persist. What you fear the most, you will face it ... The hare or rabbit also symbolizes balance, rebirth, intuition and fertility. It helps to overcome changes and encourages us to listen and follow our intuition as it is in perpetual renewal and it is the animal that is transformed most easily. 

The rabbit symbolizes fertility and the new one. As a healer, he heals phobias and helps to calm nerves and excessive preoccupation.

See rabbit jewel

 catherine michiels Usagi bronze charm bracelet

Catherine Michiels Usagi bronze charm bracelet

 175 € 


Catherine Michiels Ebony Bead Bracelet, Usagi Bronze Stardust Rabbit

Ebony beads bracelet, Usagi rabbit, Stardust bronze

Catherine Michiels

150 €


- The Panther is the symbol of the mother, the black moon and the night. It symbolizes courage, bravery and femininity. People who have the panther as an animal totem, come into the world with spiritual knowledge. They are intuitive, psychic and artistic ... The panther has a very powerful and protective force. 

If you have the totem of the panther, you perceive a lot of things, you are fast and always alert ... You have a warrior personality, very resistant to obstacles.

See panther jewel 

lessisrare Panther silver and marcasite ring

Panther silver and marcasite ring

120 €

LESSisRARE Panthère art deco ring silver, marcasite and ruby

Art Deco panther ring in silver, marcasite and ruby

€ 130 


- The owl has a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have this animal totem, you get to see what is hidden for most people ... The totem of the owl allows you to access the truth.

This animal also symbolizes discovery, curiosity through life and changes.

See owl jewel

 catherine michiels Owl bronze charm bracelet

Catherine Michiels bracelet charm Owl in bronze

210 €

catherine michiels Silver Owl Owl Charm Bracelet

Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Silver owl

235 €


- The totem animal ofeagle is powerful and visionary. It encourages intuition and retreat as well as the ability to observe and develop spiritual awareness. 

The eagle is a remarkable hunter .. having this totem animal as a guide could mean that you have the ability to lead and influence others. The eagle teaches you to find the right current and work the gift of perception.  

See eagle jewel

 Eagle Jack silver charm bracelet

Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Eagle Jack silver 

180 €

catherine michiels Eagle eagle Eagle Jack bracelet bronze

Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Eagle Jack bronze

165 €


- In Egyptian mythology the beetle symbolizes the God of the sun ... it represents, therefore, rebirth, persistence and protection. This totem animal is primarily related to immortality and regeneration.

The beetle is the symbol of becoming and renewing life.

 See beetle jewel

 catherine michiels Bracelet charm The little Max silver

Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Le Petit Max in silver

250 €

france thierard Aquamarine necklace, coral beetle

France Thierard aquamarine necklace and coral beetle

€ 495


- If the papillon is your animal totem you are encouraged to look at the aspects of your life that need change or transformation. This insect is the symbol of personal transformation ... The butterfly also represents lightness of mind and soul, delicacy, and freedom!

See butterfly jewel

Bernard Delettrez Bronze Butterfly Cuff

Bernard Delettrez bronze butterfly cuff

450 €

 bernard delettrez Bronze Butterfly Dome Ring

Bernard Delettrez butterfly dome ring in bronze and silver

€ 250


- The ladybug also known "The beast to good God" brings luck and happiness. Similar to the butterfly, it is an insect that represents metamorphosis and development. This animal totem has a kind and cute side but it is also a predator who can defend itself well. 

The ladybug also symbolizes organization and transformation. 

See ladybug jewel 

catherine michiels Charm bracelet Lola the Chance in silver and ruby

Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Lola Chance in silver and ruby

270 €


Bernard Delettrez ring Bronze ladybug and Moonstone

500 €


- The Snake symbolizes the source of life. When this totem animal presents itself it can mean an opportunity to heal or a moment of physical, spiritual or emotional transition. 

The snake encourages us to leave the old to welcome the new. If you own the totem animal of the snake you probably have a lot of healing energy. Seeing a snake indicates that a new stage will come into our life and that we have the power of renewal. 

See snake jewel  

Bernard Delettrez bronze snake torque necklace

Bernard Delettrez necklace torque Serpent bronze

390 €

 bernard delettrez Bronze snake bracelet

Bernard Delettrez bronze snake bracelet



- The ant is the symbol of patience and work. Those with ant medicine are often very active, have a sense of community and know how to plan, organize and plan for the future. People who have the ant as an animal totem like to do a little at a time every day. They know how to be patient and trust the universe. 

See ant jewel

Bernard Delettrez Giant Ant Cuff - Bronze

Bernard Delettrez Giant Ant Cuff 

810 €

bernard delettrez gold and bronze ant brooch

Bernard Delettrez brooch Ant in gold and bronze

550 €


- The turtle inspires us to live with determination and serenity. It is the symbol of calm, perseverance and emotional stability. The turtle also symbolizes peace and health.

Those who have the turtle as their totem animal are encouraged to take the time to reflect and look at those around them in order to find solid and lasting solutions to their concerns. 

See turtle jewel

 catherine michiels Tito bronze charm bracelet


Catherine Michiels bracelet charm Tito silver

105 €

Catherine Michiels silver and diamond pendant

€ 380

    - In Hindu mythology, elephant symbolizes wisdom, power and virtue ... In Africa, it represents strength, longevity and prosperity. 

    The elephant is not afraid of anything because of its size. As an animal totem, the elephant reminds you that your mind is indestructible. Your mind remains strong even if your body is hurt.

    See elephant jewel

     catherine michiels Assam pendant in silver and diamonds

    Catherine Michiels Assam pendant in silver and diamonds

    290 €

    catherine michiels Bronze Elephant Mathilda charm bracelet

    Catherine Michiels bracelet charm Elephant Mathilda bronze



    - Le chat as an animal totem teaches us the patience, the courage to explore the unknown and the right moment to act. If you have the cat as an animal totem you are encouraged to develop your balance independence / sociability. The cat represents adventure, courage, curiosity and connection with oneself

    See cat jewel 

     catherine michiels bracelet charm lucky cat silver sapphires

    Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Lucky cat in silver and sapphire eyes

    185 €

    catherine michiels Lucky cat bronze charm bracelet, black diamonds eyes

    Catherine Michiels charm bracelet Lucky cat in bronze and black diamonds eyes

    160 €


    - Yes the Dove is your totem animal, you are very close to home, safety and mothering. The dove symbolizes purity and simplicity. It is a very social animal so it represents harmony and hope.

    As a healer, the dove heals the trauma of the past and helps develop loving relationships. It protects against bad treatment and helps to create a comfortable and safe home. 

    See dove jewel

     less is rare catherine michiels Bracelet charm peace dove Sundar bronze

    Catherine Michiels bracelet charm peace dove Sundar bronze

    145 €

    lara curcio Bird pendant in gold and gray pearl

    Lara Curcio Bird pendant in gold and gray pearl

    890 €


    - The dog symbolizes fidelity. He serves and protects his master until death. He represents service to others, empathy and compassion. The dog is the totem animal of altruistic people such as volunteers, soldiers, counselors, philanthropists or nurses. He is also a symbol of obedience and vigilance. 

    The dog teaches us to love unconditionally, impose limits on others, pursue our desires and balance our needs with those of others. 

    See dog jewel 

     catherine michiels Best friend silver charm bracelet

    Catherine Michiels bracelet charm Best Friend silver

    175 €

    catherine michiels Best friend bronze charm bracelet

    Catherine Michiels Best Friend bronze charm bracelet

    145 €

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