Wear a choker and add a stylish touch to your look!

March 15., 2019

Wear a choker and add a stylish touch to your look!

Photo: Trussardi, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli.

The choker trend is back! The choker, formerly called "dog collar", is the necklace that looks like a ribbon around the neck. Today we find variations in different materials to fit all styles and personalities.

At the end of the eighteenth century in France, children of enemies of the revolution - beheaded on guillotines - organized orgiastic feasts to exorcise the traumas suffered by their parents. 

During these evenings known as the "Bals des Victimes", guests wore a ribbon around their necks that symbolized the decapitation of their families. 

 Iridescent gray pearl necklace - Poggi

Choker necklace choker iridescent gray pearls



Amethyst and quartz choker choker necklace




Later, in the nineteenth century, the choker was mainly worn by prostitutes. Then, this type of necklace was adopted by the dancers but also by the nobility.


Choker choker necklace in pink pearls



Khaki pearl choker choker




The return of the choker or "choker" necklace can be linked to the resurgence of 90 trends such as "grunge". It is at this time that the choker has a very sexy connotation and becomes a symbol of rebellious and independent women, represented by actresses like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction or Nathalie Portman in Léon.  

Like most fashion trends, the choker began to gain popularity during fashion week, which he has dominated in recent seasons. For example, Dior's Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection gave the choker a romantic touch by combining it with delicate scarves, while Alexander Wang's 2016 Autumn Ready-to-Wear collection featured rockier versions of the collection. leather with metal buckles.

 LESSisRARE Dior choker



LESSisRARE Alexander Wang choker

Alexander Wang


Today, the "choker" broke away from the 90 years. Although it has gained popularity in 2016 with celebrities and "it-girls" like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lily Rose Depp, the accessory is slowly losing its association with the "cool girl" look of the 90 years ". The choker has become a central and essential element in fashion and it is no longer just a trend of the 90 years. 

 LESSisRARE Kendall Jenner choker lessisrare pink lily depp choker


If you have trouble with the "choker" trend, you can start by building up your choker necklace with other necklaces in different lengths. At work, he wants to better choose discreet and fine models with a light blouse or wear it with a turtleneck. 



 Skyline Gold Choker Necklace - Isabelle Michel

Gold choker choker necklace "Skyline"

Isabelle Michel



For the evening, you can try the version "sewing rock 'n' chic" in gold or silver metal like the models Isabelle Michel that we present you below. If you have a rather short neck, adopt a rather fine choker. If you have an elongated neck dare the wide choker that will give a max of style especially on a large neckline or on a bustier. 



WAY choker choker necklace

Isabelle Michel


Choker necklace "Skyline"

Isabelle Michel



In 90s version or more modern, imposing or discreet, at LESSisRARE there are multitudes of models ... We love the baroque effect with pearls, or the "edgy" effect rigid metal very chic and modern but elegant and easy to wear. 


Choker necklace choker twisted gold plated

Editions LESSisRARE Bijoux


Choker choker necklace in brown pearls





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