Wear a long necklace to shape your silhouette in style!


Photo: Chloé parade. Ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2018.


The long necklace is a necklace which is characterized by its length (approximately fifty centimeters), it can be a long necklace or a long necklace with pendant. In fashion, this necklace has been very popular among women for its fashion and trendy side. 

Even if there are no rules regarding the length of the jumper, it is said that this type of collar should arrive at or below your chest. The long necklace is a very long necklace which allows you to do several rounds around the head and to try several different styles: it can be worn in a choker with a tower falling on the bust, multirangs, or just in any its length, on the front of the bust. 

 Black braided leather long necklace - Coralie de Seynes

Black braided leather long necklace

Coralie de Seynes

90 € 



Golden necklace "Originally"

Eloise Fiorentino

180 €


 Wear a jumper necklace can help you enhance and refine your silhouette, enhance your bust and décolleté and create a chic and bohemian style ... The longer a necklace, the more it will refine the size, stylize the silhouette, c This is why the jumper is suitable for all women and all body types. In addition, the jumper will draw attention to the chest and will highlight, especially if you wear it simply with a nice neckline.


Gold look necklace 

Paola Zovar

1050 €


Tibetan pompom long necklace


€ 145


You can also wear your long necklace with a round neck or even a turtleneck during the winter. For a chic evening, go for a long necklace with a pretty little black dress. For a casual look wear it on a t-shirt or in accumulation on a summer dress.  

Oversized gold long necklace - "Originally" - Eloïse Fiorentino

Oversized gold long necklace "Originally" 

Eloise Fiorentino

450 €



Beige and gold seed beads necklace - Fonsi

Long necklace in beige and gold seed beads


€ 85

The silver necklace can be worn for all occasions, styles and outfits. The pearl necklaces are perfect to bring a sexy but classic and retro touch to your outfit ... The magic of the jumper is that we find all styles and for all tastes! 


 Silver necklace - "Originally" - Eloïse Fiorentino

Silver necklace "Originally"

Eloise Fiorentino

180 €

Gray pearl necklace


120 €


For a more trendy and original style, opt for many natural colored wooden necklaces. It is better to choose different sizes, styles and shapes in accumulation to have a "boho chic" effect ...


 Mala long necklace in brown wood - Jewels of Mala

Long necklace "Mala" in brown wood

Jewels of Mala

59 €

Long wooden necklace, white horn mask - Jewels of Mala

Long necklace in wood and horn

Jewels of Mala

145 €


The necklace sautoir is a timeless jewel, timeless and very feminine that suits all! At LESSisRARE you will find freshwater pearl necklaces, stones such as rose quartz, metal, or gold plated. For all tastes and styles!


Tassel long necklace, beige and brown jasper beads - Nakamol

Tassel long necklace, beige and brown jasper beads 


75 € 

eloise-Fiorentino jumper-circles-the-wire-to-water-dore

Circles long necklace "Au fil de l'eau"

Eloise Fiorentino

115 €



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