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Sylvie Boksenbaum loves jewelry but is allergic to all metals. This is how he got the idea of ​​setting fine stones with a crochet. In 2014, she founded the boks & baum house in Mexico City and developed her workshop there where all her creations are made entirely by hand, requiring from 7am to 30 hours of work. The pockets embroidered with the brand's logo, which serve as their backdrop, are also hand sewn. The boks & baum creations are a mixture of crystal pearls, semi-precious stones and cotton and silk threads. The uniqueness of his creations arises from a subtle fusion between a fine selection of stones, textures and colors and a meticulous work of hand lockpicking.

Today the boks & baum brand is sold in the prettiest boutiques in Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico ...

Why do we like LESSisRARE?

Original jewelry, very colorful, designed with a mix of materials and stones that give a sublime result! Graphic jewelry, ultra light, chic and rare ... a real pleasure to wear! Jewelry that does not cause allergies since they are cotton and silk. Exceptional know-how, Haute Couture jewelry!

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