Light up our summer outfits!

African leather bangles

Summer is everything! This is the only season of the year where you can afford everything without being afraid of ridicule: dresses with pineapple prints, straw hats, XXL sunglasses ... 

But it is especially THE unconditional season of jewels! Necklaces, bracelets, rings, head jewelry ... everything goes, and we do not get tired!


Orange Andalusian creole earrings 
39 €


Triangle earrings "Birdsong"
70 €



Indian white earrings
49 €


Shellfish and crustaceans ... 
Brigitte Bardot would agree with us: In summer, do what you like ...

The site is full of rare and chic nuggets that will look your outfit this summer. Turquoise, coral, cuff, ring you and me, plastron ... There is something for all styles! 
Be the most beautiful on the beach thanks to our outstanding creators! 
Boks & Baum, our new kid, combines cotton thread, silk and semi-precious stones for the most curious!  

Not to mention our favorite artists Catherine Michiels, Lara Curcio Jewelery, Eloise Fiorentino, and many more ...  
Do not forget that the shipping costs are offered in France, and that we offer -10% welcome for all new customers.


Gold Osiris cuff bracelet, jade, howlite and magnesite
125 €


Green Myriam S earrings
185 €



Manhattan Small bib necklace
575 €



Toi et moi ring, pearl and glass Cancun
95 €



Mala long necklace in brown wood
59 €



Cufflinks Lucky 13 landscape jasper
195 €



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