The atypical world of Catherine Michiels

July 02, 2018

The atypical world of Catherine Michiels

Let yourself be carried away by the romantic and unique world of Catherine Michiels... The atypical world of this artist will make you discover new horizons, where light, creativity and spirituality are one.

These jewels that want you good ...
Give style to your outfits. Catherine Michiels combines bronze, gold, or silver with beautiful semi-precious stones, sapphires or sparkling diamonds.
Whether bracelet, pendant, this designer will sublimate your outfits. These jewels are also real charms, for those who share the same vision as Catherine Michiels.
As reiki master, Catherine imbues her creations with a spiritual connotation that transcends jewelry and art
Do not forget that the shipping costs are offered in France, and that we offer -10% welcome for all new customers.

Charm bracelet the Petit Max 225 €

Buddha's bronze hand charm bracelet with semi precious stones 270 €

Homer silver charm bracelet with sapphire eyes 235 €

Wild 2 pendant silver and orange sapphire 215.00€

Wild 2 pendant silver and orange sapphire 215.00€

Spogliati silver feather pendant 189.00€

Lapis Lazuli bracelet and silver cubes Stardust 130.00 €

African ball bracelet Stardust 95.00 €

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