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An exclusivity in France: these brown shagreen cufflinks by BHome are both contemporary, chic and originalsgraceshagreen, a noble material and rare ! The metal is made ofPalladiuma pure and precious metal,hypoallergenic which does not tarnish.

Dimensions: 0,6 cm X 0,6 cm.
Products in Italy.

At Bhome, stingray is a leather of farmed skate.

Halfway between the leather and the mineral, the shagreen is covered with silica beads. It is therefore more difficult to tan than cowhide. When it is sanded: it becomes smooth and reveals a partitioned surface of small cells of silica beads. This rare, luxurious leather is also very resistant.

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A message from LESSisRARE:

"The chic and luxury of shagreen for these cufflinks made in Italy by a great saddler BHome. "

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Bhome is a luxury upholstery brand that uses leather from the same source and quality as the leather goods of major brands.
For over 20 years BHome manufactures on demand decoration items and jewelry in more than 70 different leathers. BHome is one of the preferred suppliers of hotels and has also specialized in yacht equipment.

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