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Little Look gold and interchangeable stone bracelet - Paola zovar

Small look bracelet in or 18 carats by the designer Paola Zovar. Pierre interchangeable, ring diameter 18 mm. It rotates on its axis, rests in a ring of 18 mm and is in perfect harmony with your movements. The stone is interchangeable on the bracelet. See 3 categories of Pierre Petit Regard collection.
White or yellow or pink gold 18K: 1,8 grams (If your choice is pink or white gold, please also indicate it in the space Note). Pierre end: round size briolette about 5,5 carats, length of the chain: 17 cm with three adjustment rings

Le stone change is very simple: just unclip the stem on one side to remove the stone and slide a new stone around the stem and then reclipser
Litothérapie :
Smoky Quartz : The smoke color represents the mysterious, raises our level of consciousness and brings stability and responsibility, it is a Implement of energy, it is a stone that invites reflection
Onyx :
The onyx fights against depression to wear sporadically, rooted. brings stability.
Labradorite (Grey ) :
La labradorite is the stone of the therapists it protects bad energies and repairs the energetic aura. The labradorite rests during great fatigue. It helps to please others.
Amethyst (violet):
It is the stone of purification and wisdom. She actively fights addiction problems whether it is physical dependencies. It soothes the spirit of the flow of thoughts, reduces headaches. Its action facilitates sleep and symbolic dreams.
agate brings luck and self-confidence.
This very feminine stone favors the relationship of the couple and the strength of the union. It rebalances the love and affective life, provides a feeling of well-being
Reduces emotionality
Garnet :
Garnet is a stone that protects from harm and danger, Symbol of love and strength, garnet also has calming and healing properties. At his touch, the venous system is re-energized and participate in your daily well-being.
Blue topaz :
Brings good fortune and luck. It facilitates public expression and unlocks emotions.
Carnelian (can vary from orange flame to brick):
La cornelian attracts luck to the games of chance, stops anger and hunt all the bad astral influences. Give a rested complexion
Lapis Lazuli
Relaxing stone the big nervous.
moon stone
Stimulates creativity

A message from LESSisRARE:

" Gold bracelet 18 carats Petit Regard
French jewelery jewelery totally customizable on order: you choose the color of the gold and the color of the stones (see description), playful, the stones are mobile and turn on their axes in a ring.
Innovative design, unique and customizable, this necklace is the new creation of Paola Zovar, a new jewelery designer who is talking about her.

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In 2010, having worked for Thierry Mugler, L'Oreal and as artistic director in advertising agency in New York, Jennifer Dewavrin launches the brand Paola Zovar. A brand of innovative and ultra contemporary jewelry for fans of unique and customizable jewelry!

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