Marieta Cox

Justine Reisinger, creator of Marieta Cox

Marieta Cox is the story of a family passion for crochet, an art transmitted from grandmother to daughter and granddaughter. It is also the result of an accumulation of buttons, stripes and pearls that has crossed the generations. All these precious treasures of a common past, Marieta Cox reinvents them in a contemporary spirit to better revive them. By combining crochet techniques with vintage pieces, she creates timeless compositions that she personalizes to make them unique models that everyone can adapt to their style and integrate into their world.

Why do we like LESSisRARE?

Totally handmade bags, crocheted and made in France! We love the ability to customize its bag, color, size and also its chain (on request). Adding his crochet initials gives a more rock style and makes this bag even more unique! In collaboration with Marieta Cox, we have selected a vintage style button that is exclusive to us!

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