Marcasite jewelry

At LESSisRARE we have selected many jewelry, rings, earrings, brooches and pendants in silver and marcasites because we appreciate the chic vintage style of these jewelry.

La marcasite is a mineral stone, from the pyrite crystal, used to enhance another stone, especially on silver mounts. The marcasites are carved round or square and crimped to form a pavement that shines like small diamonds.

The word marcasite comes from the Greek and means "fire". It brings a shiny metallic luster quite specific.
Marcasite was very popular in the Victorian England era and is found much in the style of jewelry 20 years. It is still very much used today for the ornamentation of silver jewelry to which it brings an old but precious jewel aspect in all the cases.

The marcasite jewelry that we select are graphic, sober and elegant and recall the style of art deco jewelry


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