Amy Gattas

amy gattas

The creations of Amy Gattas offer a touch of delicacy and feeling. Each jewel is a unique expression that resembles the look of a universal woman.

Amira Gattas, a mixed identity from Colombia and Lebanon, graduated in Accessory Design at ESMOD Paris, a city that allowed her to understand through jewelry, accessories and fashion in general, the connection of a woman and its social environment. She completed her specialization in contemporary jewelry at AFEDAP, a place that inspired her to embark on her own adventure, where East and West find themselves in a quest for identity and meaning. His jewel transcends the physicality of the object to be part of the spirit and character of the person who wears it.

Pure-form jewelery made from a variety of materials and texture ... that blend so well! A true know-how, which will satisfy all lovers of chic, fine jewelry, and especially rare.

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