The virtues of black onyx

Isabelle Michel long onyx earrings Shape XL

Black onyx, like agate, is a special type of chalcedony. Onyx is a variety of semi-precious agate known for its beautiful deep black color. This stone is often used in sculpture, ornament and jewelery. In the twentieth century, especially during the Art Deco period, onyx rings are very fashionable. 

Isabelle Michel long silver onyx earrings


Big square onyx ring, silver and marcasites



Elithotherapy onyx black helps boost the joy of life and the sense of responsibility. Also, black onyx helps to treat the loss of balance and to chase the evil eye.

The hardness of black onyx makes this chalcedony an ideal stone for making relief and hollow engravings then worn as brooches or pendants. Black onyx is also appreciated for the creation of rings, bracelets, necklaces, shamballas, earrings and protective jewelry. 

Lhasa bracelet in matte black onyx, iron pyrites and charm

In Buddhism, black onyx is used to ward off bad vibrations. In addition, this stone has the power to strengthen intuition, purification and healing. 

The lithotherapists consider black onyx as a important stone which stabilizes the body's functions, strengthens bones, promotes concentration and provides energy. 


 Rectangular onyx ring in silver and marcasites

Onyx ring, marcasite, silver and cultured pearl 

This stone of balance and harmony can be worn on any type of jewelry. Men, just like women, have a real predilection for black onyx.

This chalcedony is often present in art deco jewelery and can be worn in contrast with light colored stones such as rose quartz, mother-of-pearl or white agate. Onyx rings are often mounted on silver with marcasites. 


Art deco earrings in onyx, marcasites and silver

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