New creator at LESSisRARE: Isabelle Michel

November 15, 2018


After studying art history, graphic design and fashion at the Charpentier Academy in Paris, Isabelle became a gallery artist. She keeps on cheating like a treasure hunt and also collects old jewelery from all ages that she customizes.
Isabelle Michel WAY mixed gold earrings isabelle michel choker choker Skyline choker
Long gold mixed WAY earrings
€ 170
Choker necklace SKYLINE choker
€ 320
After having spent several years in antique shops and art galleries, Isabelle Michel realized that jewelry making would allow her to express her creativity.
After several years in antique shops and art galleries, Isabelle Michel decides to launch her own line of jewelry.
isabelle michel gold malachite earrings SHAPE XL isabelle michel earrings golden agate black
Gold malachite earrings SHAPE XL
€ 210
Gold plated agate earrings SHAPE M
€ 190

Passionate about fashion, and especially accessories, she is particularly inspired by all eras especially the 70 years, years of creativity, shapes and new materials.

For almost 15 years now Isabelle Michel's collections offer couture, urban and graphic jewelery.

isabelle michel silver onyx earrings SHAPE XL isabelle michel silver long earrings GEARING XL
Silver Onyx Earrings SHAPE XL
€ 210
Long rhodium silver earrings GEARING XL
€ 150

Necklaces, torques, chokers, cuffs, earrings, architectural and geometric jewelry combining vintage and modernity that immediately stylize a look.

Pieces that are both powerful and elegant.

isabelle michel wide gold ring GEARING
Wide gold ring GEARING
€ 85

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