Bijou: The Art Deco style is back in force

art deco ring citrine scope


At the end of the First World War, France shows a desire for renewal that will be expressed through the birth of Art Deco in all areas of creation (fashion, painting, architecture ...)

And this is particularly the case in the field of jewelry: women dressing clothes lightweight fabrics simpler shapes, straight where the size is barely marked, some jewelry now no longer need to be. The loops of belts or tiaras give way to cuff bracelets, pins. 

Lemon quartz art deco ring  
Long jade ring, silver and marcasite

The name " Art Deco "comes from the great "Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Industries" of 1925 in Paris displaying objects of "modern inspiration and real originality".


Art Deco earrings in carnelian and marcasite


The 20 40 art deco style in jewelery is characterized by clean, clean lines and geometric shapes, which are simpler and more legible, while figurative ornamentation.

The rigor of the Art Deco lines is tempered by very varied stone colors. Jewelry, which has become more creative and more accessible, now contrasts transparent stones with opaque stones and uses less expensive fine stones such as amethyst, citrine as well as less noble materials, in particular silver.


Large lapis lazuli ring in silver and marcasite 


At LESSisRARE we love this style of timeless, original and beautiful quality jewelry. Our large art deco selection offers relatively unique pieces that can easily be mixed with finer and more contemporary jewelry. 

These jewels can be put to size by our repair shop.



Art Deco jade, lavender and marcasite earrings


Carnelian ring, silver and marcasite  




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